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We, M3SYS, are a leading supplier of high performance RF/microwave filters and passive products.

Our mission is to share and achieve our clients’ goals by providing right solutions. We also target to accomplish our mission via faithful supports, reliable products, quality assurance, competitive price, effective process, and efficient program management.


We are highly focus on tailored products as well as COTS products in Satellite Communication, Radar,  Defense, Terrestrial Communications, 5G network, Space and Industrial applications.



§QMS / ISO9001 qualified




§Quality Control

§High Reliability

§MTBF Prediction

§3D Structure Analysis

§Thermal Analysis and Mechanical Design




§ISO9001 Certified

§Specialties in cavity/waveguide filters/multiplexers/switched filter banks/broadband

§Capability up to W-band

§Highly educated and well experienced design engineers

§Well trained and skilled operators/technicians for assembly, tune and test


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